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I've dealt with a few different companies and was totally unsatisfied until I got in touch with GotMortgage. Very painless. - Tom C.

Why GotMortgage?

GotMortgage is a direct lender with the unique vision of putting YOUR needs first.


12 Things to Look for in a World Class Mortgage Company

  1. The Mortgage Team Members take their responsibility of fiduciary (in trust) with you to heart. They act as an extension of you and on your behalf putting you first in structuring, placing, pricing, documenting, and funding the exact loan that you want to protect you and your family.
  2. The Mortgage Team Members make it a point to you that your needs are first ahead of the teams' needs.
  3. The Mortgage Team Members are attentive to your needs and ask "What do you want to accomplish by doing a home loan?"
  4. The Mortgage Team Members work tirelessly and strategically to help you accomplish your goals.
  5. The Mortgage Team Members offer relevant products to help meet your goals.
  6. The Mortgage Team Members position you to get a loan approval upfront rather than just a quote. You get the best pricing and the most savings. This equation equals a win for you.
  7. The Mortgage Team Members go above and beyond what you think you can get. More is delivered to you because it's possible. More savings is delivered to you rather than more money going into the company's pocket.
  8. The Mortgage Team Members educate you about the very best loan product that fits your lifestyle. Your final decision is based upon our best effort to help you navigate our 30+ loan products. Through our willingness to provide the pertinent information with integrity, you are comfortable making a final decision.
  9. The Mortgage Team Members take the time to disclose all fees including lender/investor rebates based on a policy of honesty and integrity to demonstrate best practices to you.
  10. The Mortgage Team Members diligently explains the steps to help you get your loan funded within three weeks or less.
  11. The Mortgage Team Members communicate with you through internet, phone, mail and email.
  12. The Mortgage Team Members deliver on their promises to you from a simple phone call to loan funding.