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I've dealt with a few different companies and was totally unsatisfied until I got in touch with GotMortgage. Very painless. - Tom C.

Why GotMortgage?

GotMortgage is a direct lender with the unique vision of putting YOUR needs first.


About GotMortgage

Founded in July 2003, GotMortgage is a direct lender with the unique vision of putting customer service first, not the bottom dollar. Many mortgage companies try to get clients in and out as quickly as possible without considering all of their options. The GotMortgage difference is a 100% dedication to protecting every client's best interests while offering the fastest, most efficient loan process possible.

The GotMortgage Philosophy

Regardless of your financial history or current situation, you CAN receive a loan to purchase or refinance your home - all it takes is the right level of experience to recognize what can be accomplished given each situation. GotMortgage loan officers are highly trained with years of mortgage experience, meaning that you'll get someone who's dealt with virtually all possible situations - and knows the right solution to each one.

GotMortgage loan officers always use straightforward, honest communication with every client - no "used car salesman" pitches, no crafty buzzwords, and no doublespeak, just forthright communication that protects your best interests. Each loan officer looks at your big picture to find the mortgage that:

  • Fits your lifestyle and cash flow needs
  • Works with your investment and retirement plans
  • Integrates into both your long-term and short-term goals

Want to know more about GotMortgage? Check out the GotMortgage FAQ, call us at 949-430-7158, or apply for a loan online.