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I've dealt with a few different companies and was totally unsatisfied until I got in touch with GotMortgage. Very painless. - Tom C.

Why GotMortgage?

GotMortgage is a direct lender with the unique vision of putting YOUR needs first.


Mortgage Alternative Program

Are you a home buyer that has a down payment but doesn't qualify for a mortgage? Cove's Mortgage Alternative Program (MAP) may be the answer.

MAP Helps Those Who…

  • Are self-employed and need to use bank statements to verify income
  • Have had a recent foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy or credit problem
  • Are tired of renting and ready to purchase before home prices rise
  • Are eager for more stability in their living situation
  • Are likely to cure credit issues and obtain mortgage within 6 years

How MAP Works

  • Buyer has 8% they can deposit to escrow, can demonstrate the ability to make monthly payments and wants to buy a home now!
  • Buyer picks out home and Cove purchases it
  • Buyer moves in today and while renting from Cove, has up to six (6) years to close escrow at guaranteed, pre-determined prices

MAP Parameters

  • Single family homes (no condos/units); owner occupied only
  • Previous bankruptcies, foreclosures and short sales OK (no seasoning)
  • Bank statements OK (income sources/cash flow verified)

MAP Process Overview

  • Cove pre-approves potential buyer and approves property
  • Cove/buyer enter into six-year term:
    • Purchase Agreement
    • Lease Agreement
  • Cove buys home (all cash, no contingencies)
  • Buyer pays fees to Cove, puts down-payment in escrow
  • Buyer moves in

Cove, MAP and Realtors

  • Realtors are Cove's agent and work with MAP buyers
  • Buyer works with their agent to find home
  • Buyer, agent and Cove agree on offer price
  • Cove makes offer through agent under Cove's name
  • Buyer, agent and Cove inspect and make any counter-offers
  • Agent receives standard purchase commission

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Zero cost to apply!
  • Buyer can close escrow anytime, no pre-pay penalty
  • Buyer can break contract anytime, with required notice, acceptable property condition, and pre-determined fee
  • Rent comparable to rents in the area
  • No part of lease payment applied to purchase price
  • No tax benefits during the contract
  • Customer upgrades or changes to home during contract require Cove approval
  • If home is worth more than contract price anytime during 6 years, equity belongs to buyer

Example $350,000 Purchase:

Total Escrow Deposit: $28,000

Non-Marketing Fee (3%)
Escrow Deposit (10%)


Sales Price
Mo. Lease Payment
Year 1
$2,623 - $2,924
Year 2
$2,667 - $2,974
Year 3
$2,711 - $3,023
Year 4
$2,754 - $3,073
Year 5
$2,798 - $3,123
Year 6
$2,842 - $3,172
*Assumes closing costs to purchase home are $4,375.

To learn more about this program and see if your home buyers qualify give us a call at 949-430-7158 or complete the info request form below.

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